Why Amsterdam?

BeFunky CollageAlmost 4 years in Amsterdam!

Every time people ask me, “why Amsterdam?” really don’t know!

4 years ago, summer time in Europe, I visited this city and thought, “l would never live in place where it’s summer and feels like winter in my country”. Back to Portugal and the lovely summer, where was possible to feel the warmness of the sun on the skin, complete forgot the cloudy and cold Amsterdam.

But life turns around, and here I’m, living in this amazing city! Of course I missed the weather, but now I’m enjoying much more the sun and his twentyish degrees Celsius. The bright of Amsterdam is something unbelievable, the terraces all over the city, people hang out together, having a glass, or two, of wine on the grass, doing boat trips around the canals. I learned how to really enjoy the summer!

The true is, also the winter has something special, the snow is cold but at the same time romantic, rains a lot and wind also likes to show off and blow strongly, nevertheless  Amsterdam is magic.

“Why Amsterdam?” still don’t know, but one thing for sure, I’m staying!

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